Owls fans column: Just get better at tackling, Sam

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Maybe I’ll make Sam Hutchinson’s discipline record an annual column subject. It could even be a bi-annual event if he keeps up this rate of ill discipline.

The next time we’ll see Sam on the pitch will be in December due to an automatcic two-match ban for collecting ten yellow cards this season.

It’s no secret Hutchinson has received the most cards of any Football League player.

Carlos doesn’t want him to change and to some extent neither do the fans. His style of playing allows Bannan, Wallace and Lee to be more creative whilst he breaks up the opposition’s play and provides cover for the defence. However, when the coach feels compelled to take a player off the pitch, like he did against Charlton, because he’s already on a yellow card and fears worse will happen, the management must be looking to teach him how to rein it in. Last season Sam made 20 league appearances. He received eight yellows and one red card. He has made 13 league appearances this year and picked up nine yellows (and one against Arsenal.)

According to Squawka statistics in 12 games Hutchinson committed 26 fouls which means almost a third of the free kicks he gives away end in a booking. He’s not the worst in the club for fouls committed though. Over the same period Atdhe Nuhiu committed 30 fouls but hasn’t been booked once.

I’ve argued before that it seems to be over-exuberance rather than malicious intent. Since resurrecting his career he’s been like a kid in the park, always wanting to be on the ball. Unfortunately his knees don’t have the speed of his decision-making.

No-one is asking for him to be less tenacious, we just want him to get better at tackling. If he is able to play against Stoke, I’m putting my money on a 23rd minute yellow in the Hutchinson Booked Bingo stakes. It’s a safe bet to say he won’t be changing any time soon.