Owls fans’ column: I’m sorry for doubting you, Carlos

Carlos Carvalhal celebrates Wednesday's win over Arsenal
Carlos Carvalhal celebrates Wednesday's win over Arsenal
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Sheffield Wednesday have become a confident, creative and cohesive team and for that I offer an apology to Carlos Carvalhal.

When Carlos arrived with his CV like a flaky backpacking student, I’ll admit to thinking ‘oh, here we go again’. Especially when the ‘three man committee’ had got off to, shall we say, an ominous start. Carvalhal with his philosophy and rotation of the squad, it began to feel like nothing would settle if he kept unnecessarily messing with a process that was starting to work under Mandaric and Gray.

I’m not big on changing a system for no reason. If any of you have been into Argos recently where they’ve changed from a perfectly good system of ‘get a ticket number, wait for your number to be called and collect your goods’, to ‘get a receipt, three people ask you what you’ve ordered and then they lose your receipt’, it makes you question why they changed it.

The Owls had gone from simple and straight-forward under Stuart Gray to complex and confusing under Carlos.

Now that the players have settled in and Carvalhal is implementing his style of football, I hold my hands up and bow to the man with a dream.

Watching a Sheffield Wednesday side out play, out work and out score and in-form, top of the Premier League Arsenal, was incredible. It also wasn’t a fluke.

From Wildsmith, who barely had a shot to save, to Wallace and Bannan picking out the pinpoint crosses and Hutchinson’s tenacity and obligatory yellow card, it was night to remember. It also highlighted what a prospect Lucas Joao is becoming.

So Carlos I wholeheartedly apologise for the scepticism, it comes from years of expecting to be disappointed. This time is feels different. Maybe this time we can dare to dream of higher prospects.