Owls fans column: Booking in for a look at Carlos’ manual

Owls head coach Coach Carlos Carvalhal
Owls head coach Coach Carlos Carvalhal
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On maternity leave, before a baby is born, you have a lot of time on your hands and low mobility. It’s what led me to read Carlos Carvalhal’s book Soccer: Developing a Know-How.

His book is a tactics and training manual, setting out Carvalhal’s philosophy of football. I thought it might be an insight into how Sheffield Wednesday are going to develop as a team. I must confess, having read it, I’m more confused than ever about how we’re going to play.

You know you’re in for an in-depth read when he starts the book by discussing the philosophical school of thought by French philosopher Descartes.

The first read through is a bit like the episode of Friends where Joey discovers the thesaurus on his laptop. There are lots of unnecessarily long words and a minefield of translated Americanised words. I swear some paragraphs were just a list of words without any context.

With chapters named ‘Conceptual Matrix – SupraPrinciple of Specificity’ and ‘Morphocycle’ it’s easy to see how Carvalhal’s vision of football may take a while to translate onto the pitch.

Morphocycle by the way is the period between two matches and how many days the players are allowed to rest for.

Wednesday fans were asking after the Middlesbrough match when the promised aggressive attacking football will begin. I’m assuming it’s when the players understand what SupraPrinciple of Specificity is.

August was always going to be a tough month with a brand new team and hard fixtures to contend with.

Hopefully during the international break Carvalhal’s philosophy is starting to take shape on the pitch. With Burnley, Bolton and Fulham coming up in the next week it’s a good time to see what the team have achieved during the break.

But we can discuss that next morphocycle.