Owls fan’s view: Stu’s three-word verdict is spot on

Stuart Gray said the season has been a mixture of poor, good and average
Stuart Gray said the season has been a mixture of poor, good and average
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After the DJ debacle, Stuart Gray managed to get enough of our players organised, together as a team and playing at the top of their games, writes Steve Walmsley.

But injuries, suspensions, a lack of depth in our squad and maybe a little tiredness have taken the edge off things these last few weeks.

For another home game on Saturday, we made a side who were ok get a result that was redolent of world-beaters.

A mixture of poor defending and allowing Bolton time and space in midfield to pick passes was our undoing.

On Tuesday evening SG said that if our season was to be summed up in three words they would be poor, good and average - spot on really.

In August last year, if someone had promised us lower mid-table we would have taken it, and that position is just about where we are as a club.

There won’t be any dramatic shift this summer but hopefully there will be some incremental improvement; being solidly mid-table all of the 2014/15 season would be nice, and anything else would be a bonus.

Our financial position is getting better and while the cost controls do make it difficult to compete at the top end of the Championship, in the long term it is the right thing to do - we have a responsibility to ensure the club is there for the fans of the future.

In the short term, though, we will see to what degree SG can strengthen the squad within the resources available.

There have been some lows and highs this season but we will remember the thrashing of Dirty L**ds as a highlight. Let that carry us through the summer - have a good one and see you in August.