Owls fan’s view: It will be nervy at Oakwell

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On the basis of the radio commentary it seemed like a win at the Reebok Stadium would have been fair on the balance of chances created, but sadly we were denied, writes Steve Walmsley.

After repeated viewings on the TV I thought that Jose Semedo did marginally get the ball first but he caught their player with his studs using his leading leg, and it was bang in front of the referee.

A few years ago he would have got a yellow card at worst, but these days a red card is very likely for that sort of challenge, so I can’t really complain.

The highlights didn’t show the foul by the Bolton player that incensed DJ but it sounds like he was lucky to stay on the pitch.

For the disallowed goal there were no Bolton players on the line, Reda did look offside and he jumped to try to head the ball - I can see why it was chalked off.

But it was a decent performance and in most circumstances a point away is to be grabbed with both hands,.

But our inability to get results at home and no wins at all this season means anything short of a win increase tensions among Wednesdayites.

MM has now clearly said that a takeover or new investment is not imminent and that he still has positive ambitions for the club.

How long will he continue to wait for DJ to deliver as the value of the asset falls away? Not taking action because of a potential immediate change in ownership is no longer an excuse for inaction.

Worry beads will be in use for Oakwell - could it be our day, and will CoG or Stephen McPhail be enjoying having put one over their old club ?

It will be a very nervy occasion.