Owls fan’s view: All at sea, like an old ocean liner

Owls manager Dave Jones
Owls manager Dave Jones
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When I listen to managers post match I do sometimes wonder... last Saturday DJ and Mick McCarthy appeared to be describing a match I hadn’t seen.

From our perspective, apart from JJ’s bolt from the blue on to the bar, it was the most tedious 45 minutes I’ve seen this season at S6, and there have been some shockers. Of course DJ told us it was another point gained, and we were so close to winning it blah, blah. I think if you had paid £30 for a ticket on the day you would have thought differently.

Antonio’s honest assessment of his own form was candid but I can’t agree with his view that we are playing well.

The table doesn’t lie and we are looking at a long winter ahead. I believe the manager has been treading water for a while now. His transfer record is poor, team organisation and motivation is weak and we have not progressed one jot since we drifted towards the end of last season - one win in 16 tells the story. It feels a bit like an old ocean liner out at sea with under-power engines, dodgy rudders, poor communications, a crew that don’t know quite what to do and paying customers who are wondering what is going on. We need direction and action now to sort it.