OWLS FAN COLUMN: Bureaucracy or brilliance? We’ll see

Dejphon Chansiri and his two new committee men
Dejphon Chansiri and his two new committee men
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‘A camel is a horse designed by committee.’

It’s a saying that points out the inefficiencies and bureaucracy of committees.

Even the word ‘committee’ conjures up images of pointless meetings that require more meetings to figure out what was discussed at the previous meeting. An endless circle of inaction.

So it’s interesting that Wednesday have chosen a three-man committee as their new ‘innovative’ management structure.

According to our new owner, Dejphon Chansiri, Stuart Gray will have final say on coaching and team selection. Adam Pearson will work as advisor to the chairman in order to get ‘best value’ for the club and Glenn Roeder has been appointed sporting director and leads on scouting and recruitment.

The roles do seem defined but it wasn’t made clear from the joint press conference who will have the final say if there are disagreements.

Both Pearson and Roeder’s track records are mixed. Roeder’s managerial record isn’t dazzling and Pearson’s spending at Derby County also raises questions.

I’ve felt for a while that Gray could benefit from a director of football, who could help him do the recruitment groundwork while he concentrated on the day-to-day coaching and development of the squad. The hope is that between the three they will complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to make one perfect football management team.

The thing is a camel is actually perfectly evolved to survive in its harsh environment. Whether the committee is a success or not, the club will continue to adapt and evolve in the way it always has. It will survive.

Fingers crossed for the committee to thrive too and for Stuart Gray’s voice to be heard within the meetings.