Owls debate: Should Sheffield Wednesday rest players for clash with Fulham? NO, says Chris Holt - make sure they all fear facing Wednesday

Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal has some decisions to make this weekend
Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal has some decisions to make this weekend
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Momentum going into the play-offs is a wonderful thing.

As things stand, no one could accuse Sheffield Wednesday of stumbling over the line and, granted, what happens on Sunday will not change the fact the Owls have deservedly taken their place among the top six.

In the past month, Carlos Carvalhal’s side have been superb.

It may not have always been pretty, they may not have even played particularly well in all of the games, but what they have shown is a winning mentality. A sheer desire to ensure that they will be in a position to go one better than last season’s memorable and unexpected march on Wembley.

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Six wins in a row at this highly-pressurised stage of the campaign - while some around them were falling apart again - shows guts and the confidence is flowing around the Owls camp right now.

So why not just keep it going?

Put out the best side available, go for it, make it seven wins in a row and have every single one of those teams in the play-offs genuinely fear the prospect of taking on the Championship’s in-form team.

The arguments against this have merits, of course. It’s been a long season and the well-documented high number of injuries have certainly taken their toll.

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But no one should be concerned about the potential for a key player to pick up a knock. That represents a negativity which goes against what has been built-up over the past month.

Stay positive; instead of worrying that someone might get injured, believe that they might play a blinder and strike further panic into those who may come up next.

You’d hardly be giving away any state secrets to a potential play-off opponent either. If Fulham don’t know how Sheffield Wednesday play by now then they never will.

On top of that, there’ll be a packed house at Hillsborough. Fans deserve to see this regular season come to an end on a massive high.