Owls Column: A big screen will give Wednesdayites a sign of the real scores on the doors

The Hillsborough scoreboard could be in its final season
The Hillsborough scoreboard could be in its final season
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Much of the talk surrounding the Owls this week has been about potential transfer targets with the coffers boosted by Dejphon Chansiri’s arrival as new owner.

Securing Lewis McGugan and Will Keane on permanent deals, throwing big money bids in for the likes of Jordan Rhodes – there is a real buzz about the place in anticipation of the summer.

But a non-playing summer acquisition hinted at by Chansiri is likely to bring plenty of joy to long suffering Wednesdayites.

A brand new scoreboard.

Ever since Arsenal planted a ridiculously large screen in a corner of Highbury during the mid 90s have Owls fans looked on enviously as boards popped up across English football, hopeful that one day one would appear at Hillsborough.

It might sound like a trivial matter to supporters of other clubs, but the issue of a new scoreboard has become symbolic of dreams of better times for Wednesday.

It was discussed at the start of Lee Strafford’s ultimately ill-fated reign when the Owls mad internet businessman looked to tap into the hopes of his fellow supporters.

And Milan Mandaric’s arrival renewed the discussions as things appeared to be looking up for the club.

Only when a sparkling new big screen is planted in the South Stand-Leppings Lane corner of the ground will some supporters believe the good times are coming back to S6 – a long-awaited sign from the heavens that the Owls are set to rise.

But when those supporters walk into Hillsborough and see the old scoreboard has gone, there will no doubt be a tinge of sadness.

The old girl is part of the fabric of the stadium, and of the traditional matchday experience for Wednesdayites.

The crude corner kick and yellow card animations have been consigned to computer programming past but the board still offers plenty.

It is rickety, it is old and some of its lights refuse to work. But it has character and it will be missed from the stadium scene.

Of course, should a new one be installed, it simply must contain in it’s programming one simple line: