Owls (Almost) Live - New Sheffield Wednesday podcast episode available now

Owls (Almost) Live
Owls (Almost) Live
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The latest episode of our Sheffield Wednesday podcast Owls (Almost) Live is available now.

Just when you think things are on the up, they take a turn for the worst yet again.

That pretty much describes the pattern of things for Sheffield Wednesday right now so positivity isn't exactly on the menu as Dom Howson and Chris Holt join Liam Hoden to discuss the latest from Hillsborough.

There is a look back over the disastrous day at Bolton, the backlash from supporters and analysis of where it is going wrong at the moment.

The future of Carlos Carvalhal has been a major talking point and it is here as the panel talk what he needs to turn it around.

And there is a look ahead to the trip to Derby County.

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