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Big chance: Boss Gary Megson has a summer opportunity to revamp the squad
Big chance: Boss Gary Megson has a summer opportunity to revamp the squad
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GARY Megson will on Sunday reach the landmark of 100 days as manager of Sheffield Wednesday.

He has taken stock - looking back on the club’s fortunes this season and forward to his chance of helping to build a brighter future.

“I’ve been here for nearly 100 days and for 21 games; there’s a huge amount that’s been hugely disappointing this season, both on and off the pitch,” he said.

“Now we have an opportunity to completely revamp and change it.”

Megson believes one of the disappointments is the training ground: “It was nothing like I expected. For a Division One club, it’s more than adequate, and more than most would have at this level, but for Sheffield Wednesday it’s not even close to what you should have.

“When I was a player, it was probably a good training ground, given how most of them were, but now most seem to have moved forward, but Wednesday have stood still.

“Our facilities, for trying to entice young players into the academy, aren’t good enough.

“There’s only one thing we can do. In terms of the academy that’s not the be all and end all. We have to have a first team that’s successful and drags everything up with that, rather than the academy pushing everything up. So everything now has to be geared now towards improving the playing squad.

“The team is my responsibility and the buck obviously stops with the manager. But the team must reflect what the manager wants and demands, and ours doesn’t.

“So this close season is going to be vital in terms of trying to take Wednesday forward.”

Megson is pleased that chairman Milan Mandaric has spoken publicly in support of his team-building plans.

“I was delighted to hear and read some of the comments that Milan has come out with, about wanting to back the things I want to do, and he has the same desire to be successful as I have,” he said,

“So we are all singing from the same song sheet. I have handed over the names of nine players that I want to bring in; six would be free transfers, three would cost fees. They’re all British players. I’m delighted that Milan [Mandaric] and Paul [Aldridge] have already made inroads into bringing them in.

“It’s my determination to bring in players who reflect what I want in terms of honesty, hard work and the ability I’m looking for in each position.”

Megson will look to weed out any players who fall below the standards he demands.