'Mediocre team in a mediocre league' ... 'Embarassing' ... 'Gutless' - Sheffield Wednesday fans react to 5-0 defeat to Blackburn Rovers

A 5-0 defeat at home to a struggling side after beating a Premier League team in the cup and then one of the Championship’s top sides… Sheffield Wednesday’s inconsistency writ large.

By Chris Holt
Sunday, 19th January 2020, 11:48 am
Owls lose 5- at home to Blackburn. Pic Steve Ellis
Owls lose 5- at home to Blackburn. Pic Steve Ellis

Fans were understandably seething by the performance, which came after they went down to ten men in the first half, but no one was using that as an excuse.

@ABKTowl posted on twitter: “Let’s be honest here, we are a mediocre team elevated my a mediocre leauge this season. Of the last 7 home games we’ve lost 3, Had 2 draws (from winning positions) and were lucky to win 2 with dubious pens. A Total **** show! Too many clappers happy to watch garbage.”

@Emmalouise12790 added: “Trying to do dry January and Sheffield Wednesday produce that shower of ****! All I want is a glass of wine after seeing that today!”

@matthyde1984 said: “The worst thing about that shambles at Hillsborough today is it was the same team that gave everything at Leeds last week, that’s what is the most galling thing, the team builds the expectations of the fans and burns them down with an abject performance.”

@jabjcb posted: “An absolutely obscene performance today #swfc. If I'd 'performed' in my job like these handsomely paid players have done in theirs today, I'd have been sacked on the spot. Embarrassing, disgusting, and not fit to wear the shirt. Fletcher & Dawson aside, the rest can leave for me.”

@dleesley89 had sympathy for the manager: “Said it before I'll say it again feel for monk. Players aren't good enough at end of day. That was pathetic. I agree that his should play 442 at home but we could have had 13 on pitch today and still lost”

And @dezmo89 kept it simple: “Been following Wednesday since 1979 tell me a worse performance than that, easy team talk next”

@PistolPete1867 finishes with: “I genuinely believe that performance was as bad as anything I’ve witnessed at Hillsborough over the last 20yrs, I’ve never left a match that early before but if the players can’t be ar*ed then why should I? They should be utterly ashamed of themselves tonight. Gutless.”