Manchester United legends, Celtic and Rangers superstars: Failed Sheffield Wednesday transfers that may shock you

Silly season is here and reported sightings of Sheffield Wednesday transfer targets at Dunkin Donuts on Penistone Road are in full swing.

The Owls already have a number of new faces in the door and are busy working on others, with all focus now on giving themselves the best-possible chance of a return to the Championship at the end of this season.

Everyone knows how Wednesday had Eric Cantona on trial, but what about the tales surrounding a handful of other European legends that never quite made it to S6, the £5m bids that went untouched and the request for a world record fee?

In the first instalment of our flick-through guide to the transfers that never quite came off for whatever reason, we journey through Manchester United icons, Celtic legends and Rangers favourites.

How nice would it be to have Wednesday linked with players of this calibre once again?

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