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Owls Stock Pics.....Gary Megson
Owls Stock Pics.....Gary Megson
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GARY Megson today reaches his first anniversary as Sheffield Wednesday boss - aiming to use the club’s progress under him as a springboard.

He talks of his chance to manage the Owls as “the stuff that dreams are made of” and wishes that he could have been appointed years ago so he could have helped to prevent their decline.

“We’re in a good position; now we have to use that as a springboard to get better,” he says, taking stock after 12 months in charge.

“From a personal point of view it’s been brilliant just to be able to call yourself the latest in a long line of Sheffield Wednesday managers. It’s what dreams are made of.”

The Owls were five points above the relegation zone when he was appointed; now they are challenging strongly for promotion.

“Our chances are good, based on where we are now. If we can keep this going, I do know that we, above anybody else, will be cramming people into our ground,” he said.

“If we get closer and closer, the supporters will get more and more into helping us to get promoted. It’s a big thing, that.

“We have to keep plugging away.

“The players, if they don’t realise it already, will realise how intense I am and 30,000 other Wednesday fans are about getting the club where we want to be.

“There must be no lack of effort, no stone left unturned.

“We’re the fifth top scorers but must take more of our chances, and we’ve conceded too many goals away from home.”

Megson is convinced he could have prevented the club’s slide over the years: “In my view I should have been given the job years ago. I wouldn’t have put up with some of the things that went on.”

But he believes the Owls are back on the right lines.

hen asked to name a highpoint of the last year he says: “There have been a lot but the biggest thing for me is our supporters. I love them.

“The way they back us home and away, after what they have gone through and are still going through, for we are down at this level, is a real source of pride for this city. They turn up at grounds that usually only get three or four thousand and they’re a credit to Sheffield.”

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