When does the January transfer window close and what are the rules if Sheffield Wednesday want to sign new players?

We’re entering the final stages of the January transfer window as clubs across the country try to add that extra special player that could make or break the second half of the season.


Last summer the transfer window was brought forward, meaning most permanent deals had to be wrapped up in the early stages of the new season.

A new loan window remained open until the end of August, to allow players arriving and departing clubs on a temporary basis to secure their moves once all the permanent business had been wrapped up.


For the first time we also saw a high volume of ‘loan to buy’ deals, which saw players loaned out to their new clubs at the start of the season in deals that would become permanent in January for a transfer fee.

There have already been some big name signings - and departures - across English football so far this month, but how long to clubs have left to sign players and what are the rules?

When does the transfer window shut?

The January transfer window closes at 11pm on Thursday, January 31 2019. It has been open since midnight on New Year’s Day.

When can free agents sign for Wednesday?

Despite the changes to transfer window rules this season, free agents can still be signed at any time in the season.

Could there be more big money moves in the January window?

It definitely could for clubs competing in Europe as UEFA confirmed that players will no longer be cup-tied for their competitions.

This means that players can move between teams playing in the Champions League and Europa League and play for their new teams in the same competition, even if they represented their old team in the same tournament earlier in the campaign.

Are emergency loans available?

Emergency loans are no longer available for outfield players, but clubs are able to bring in goalkeepers on a temporary, emergency basis if all of their professional goalkeepers are either injured or suspended.