Twitter reacts to Sheffield Wednesday fan's bizarre response to Notre-Dame fire

As the 850-year-old Notre-Dame cathedral became engulfed in flames on Monday evening, onlookers across the globe took to social media to express their dismay as the iconic building was partially destroyed by the blaze. As the fire raged on, a response from one Owls fan was been met with bemused reactions...

By Richie Boon
Tuesday, 16 April, 2019, 15:43

Amidst the outpouring of sympathy towards Paris, Sheffield Wednesday fan Adam Gurnhill posted a slightly out of context - and tongue-in-cheek, we can only hope! - reaction, writing on a live video feed of the fire coverage: “Respect from a Sheffield Wednesday fan".

Eagle-eyed Twitter user Edie Miller picked up on the response, posting: “the notre dame fire is awful but i’m sorry i was watching a periscope stream of it and someone commented ‘respect from a sheffield wednesday fan’ so now i’m in bits”


The Tweet gathered momentum swiftly, as users of the social network embarked upon a delightful thread of witty footballing analogies. Here’s a round-up of the best reactions to the Tweet:

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@RedAndy54 joked: "Always heartening to see solidarity in these times, even when it's a big club like, er, Catholicism."

B_Mac1878 weighed in with: "For me it’s burnt down too easily, flames have barely touched it." as a bemused @nailheadparty said: "This is a weird way to learn Notre Dame cathedral is on fire"

Continuing the lively banter, Miller responded "It doesn’t matter who you support, you hate to see a cathedral burn down. just no place for it in the modern game."

Inevitably, reference was made to the titular character from the 'Hunchback of Notre-Dame', as @Ankaman616 quipped "Cheers Quasimodo's crying. Nice one" and @BSTheTruth triumphantly proclaimed: "QUASIMODO IS A WEDNESDAYITE" Jury is still out on that one, folks...