Sheffield Wednesday Fan Column: Owls are ready to get started after new boss Steve Bruce was unveiled at Hillsborough press conference

And so the era of Steve Bruce begins.

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 4:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 4:23 pm

I hope not all his press conferences are like his unveiling. Some journalists have waited six weeks for Bruce to arrive and spent a third of the conference interrogating Chansiri about selling the club and FFP.

The metaphorical welcome banner fluttered to the floor because the same bit of Blu-Tack has been overworked. So what did we learn?

The chairman has told Bruce there is ‘no budget.’ Depending on how you take this that means there’s either no money, or no limits to money.  

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Clarity was restored by Bruce when he mentioned that there were “one or two things in the pipeline” on transfer deadline day. This sent Wednesdayites’ hearts fluttering.

Bruce and Chansiri also seemed unperturbed about P&S and highlighted that many other Championship clubs are in our position.

From Bruce’s own mouth he’s physically and mentally fit and ready to go. This is good to hear.

Bruce found himself in a position this week where he felt the need to justify himself to two former footballers, who expressed their opinions without doing any form of research into the circumstances of his delayed start.

Ruud Gullit and more so Danny Murphy reckon that Bruce shouldn’t be “sunning himself” in the Caribbean and that should the team start badly under him, Wednesdayites are likely to be unforgiving.

I’m yet to find an Owls’ fan who didn’t support Bruce’s decision. Even the most impatient of Wednesday fans are still compassionate enough to understand that a mentally and physically fit manager is preferable and that football isn’t exempt from treating people like humans.

Wednesday agreed to Bruce’s terms, contractual and personal. It was well communicated to the fans and frankly it was nobody else’s business as long as those parties were happy with the situation.

So I’d like to thank Murphy and his non-apology/continued justification of his original opinion. It has galvanised Wednesdayites behind our new manager.

We’re not expecting instant results – but Bruce has seen what Wednesday can be and ‘behold it was very good.’ We are all ready to get started.