Sheffield Derby: Mum’s picture of sons in rival Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday kits goes viral

The second Sheffield Derby of the season is just hours away and, for tonight at least, you’re either an Owl or a Blade.

By Dan Windham
Monday, 4th March 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 5:02 pm
Harrison and Noah being kept apart - Credit: Donna Monnelly
Harrison and Noah being kept apart - Credit: Donna Monnelly

Sheffield Wednesday host Sheffield United at Hillsborough after a 0-0 draw between the two sides at Bramall Lane back in November. 

Offices up and down the city will have been split between Blades and Owls fans today with that division only set to intensify between the two sets of fans tonight. 

Harrison and Noah being kept apart - Credit: Donna Monnelly

But, in one case, even a Sheffield family is split between the two sides with brothers Harrison and Noah supporting rival teams. 

Despite Harrison, 12, and most of his family being is a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday fans, his 9-year-old brother Noah didn’t follow suit. 

He instead plumped for Sheffield United, making derby day all the more interesting in their home. 

Their mum, Donna Monnelly snapped a hilarious picture of the brothers jokingly being kept apart by their step dad and it has now gone viral on Facebook. 

Harrison, left, and Noah, right - Credit; Donna Monnelly

Football Away Days has shared the picture on their Facebook page and it has gained over 1,000 likes already. 

Donna said: “Harrison is a life long Wednesday fan. He’s a season ticket holder and was born a Sheffield Wednesday fan.

“He sits in the North stand and goes to every match with his papa Tom, his uncle Anthony and niece Evie who are also life long Sheffield Wednesday fans.

“Noah only recently started to support Sheffield United but I think it’s just to wind us all up with all the family being Wednesdayites.”