Championship league table: Sheffield Wednesday's opening day record over last 10 years

Sheffield Wednesday travel to Reading on Saturday – with Lee Bullen taking interim with Steve Bruce’s successor yet to be appointed.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 11:10 am
Sheffield Wednesday

Heading into their Championship opener, the Owls are perhaps at the disadvantage after losing Bruce just two weeks before the season starts. Courtesy of data from, we compare the Owls' opening day record over the last 10 years to their Championship rivals - ranked in order from lowest to highest. Scroll and click through the pages:

P10 W1 D3 L6 GD-5 = 6 points
P10 W1 D4 L5 GD-7 = 7 points

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P10 W1 D4 D5 GD-5 = 7 points
P10 W2 D2 L6 GD-10 = 8 points
P10 W1 D5 L4 GD-3 = 8 points
P10 W2 D4 L4 GD-3 = 10 points
P3 D2 D5 GD-7 = 11 points
P10 W3 D2 L5 GD-4 = 11 points
P10 W2 D5 L3 GD-3 =11 points
P10 W3 D3 D4 GD-5 = 12 points
P10 W4 D1 L5 GD-3 = 13 points
P10 W4 D1 L5 GD-2 = 13 points
P10 W3 D4 L3 GD+4 = 13 points
P10 W4 D2 L4 GD-4 = 14 points
P10 W4 D2 L4 GD-1 = 14 points
P10 W4 D3 L3 GD+5 = 15 points
P10 W5 D1 L4 GD-2 = 16 points
P10 W4 D4 L2 GD+3 = 16 points
P10 W4 D4 L2 GD+5 = 16 points
P10 W4 D4 L2 GF+9 = 16 points
P10 W5 D2 D3 GD+4 = 17 points
P10 W5 D2 L3 GD+5 = 17 points
P10 W5 D3 L2 GD+4 = 18 points
P10 W5 D5 L0 GD+5 = 20 points