Alan Biggs’ Sheffield Wednesday column: Emotion could play a big part at Hillsborough this summer

Hillsborough’s summer hinges on much more than who Steve Bruce wants to keep. It’s also about how much players want to play for Sheffield Wednesday.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 11:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 3:46 pm
Sheffield Wednesday manager Steve Bruce

Contract offers are not the end of the story at a time when some lucrative existing deals are plainly too high for a club wrestling Profitability and Sustainability issues.While it’s right that Owls fans generally are being urged - even by fellow supporters - to take the emotion out of who stays or who goes, emotion could stay at the heart of it for some players.That applies not only to those out of contract but others for whom the Owls might receive tempting bids this summer.In the case of the first group, it’s highly unlikely that all, or most, of the nine seniors will receive offers matching their current terms - from anywhere. But it is still possible that others will top what Wednesday are prepared to table.That’s where the heart comes in alongside the head. As a big club with a high profile manager and excellent support, S6 offers counter attractions beyond money.Taking the second group, those under-contract who could pull in offers, sentiment also plays a part. Wages almost inevitably rise when talents are prised from other clubs - although it’s fair to say Wednesday’s levels of remuneration would make it difficult for most Championship clubs to match them on top of a fee-paying transfer.This is where the club’s ambition may have added to its difficulties in the current scenario. Shifting players, whether by design or for an infusion of money, is not easy.Accepting a bid can still leave a deal a long way short of completion.All this is why the stated and proper aim of scaling down the squad, lowering the age profile in the process, is a lot easier said than done.Thankfully Steve Bruce appears to be in control of it. All of his experience, knowledge and contacts will be required.Coming back to where we started, emotion will play a part.And, like any good boss, Bruce will be mindful of players who really want to play for the club and are prepared to make sacrifices if necessary.It’s part of building the team and squad ethic that is at the heart of every successful club.

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