It’s a whole new bawl game

Gary Madine
Gary Madine
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Megson cuts back on the verbals and tells players revival is down to desire

Gary Megson is calling on the inner desire of Owls players to spark a revival in the team’s form.

The Wednesday boss believes that he can only go so far in dishing out verbal lashings.

“I can’t keep doing that; I’ll lose them. They’ll end up getting sick of hearing it.” he admits.

While it is not likely that he will curb his passion for the club and hold his tongue, he is now also looking to players to take responsibility upon themselves.

He explained: “There have to be more demands on players to do the job they’re paid to do; I don’t mean those demands should come from the media, me, or the supporters.

“The demands have to come from them, from each other.

“They don’t want to be losing games; they don’t want to be criticised, battered from pillar to post, week in, week out.

“That’s happening to us, and you can’t complain, because we’re getting beaten.

“The big thing at this club is that the standard has to be lifted by everybody. That raises the standard of the team, and that starts to raise the standard of the club. That starts with individuals.”

Megson also points out that players are the most important people at the club.

“We have to get away from this thing about who the chaiman is, who the manager is. The crowd are great and the stadium is good but there’s only one group that really matters and that’s the players.

“Look at the number of managerial changes this season, look at Preston, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough, Bristol City, the manager’s changed but there’s no difference.

“Unless you change the group of players or they change themselves, nothing alters.”

Megson will almost certainly change the starting line-up at Bournemouth, feeling he has no alternative in view of the way the team started at Birmingham.

Gary Madine could get a recall after being ineligible for the FA Cup tie.

Megson may leave the back four as it finished at St Andrews after Michael Morrison and Mark Reynolds had been taken off, but the Owls boss now seems to be hinting that while Liam Palmer impressed in midfield, it may be too early, with the team struggling, to pitch him into an away league game against the second-in-the-table Cherries.

“I’ve said to him that his time this season will come. I don’t want to ruin his career by chucking him in too early. It’s not something we should do. Going on at half-time at St andrews, I’m sure he appreciated that opportunity.”

Megson believes that his criticisms of players have had some effect: “We’ve also had a response from subs, who have done really but haven’t carried it on when they’ve then had the opportunity to start.

“It’s as if getting in the team is what they’ve set out to do and they think once they’re in everything will take care of itself. So we’ve had to keep chopping and changing the team.

“I’d love if if we win and I can keep the same team.

“At the moment we’re a soft touch. We’ve got to be able to defend better and have a tougher mentality.”