It’s a time for Mandaric to carry on good work

Going nowhere: Milan Mandaric has no plans to quit Hillsborough
Going nowhere: Milan Mandaric has no plans to quit Hillsborough
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HOW long will it be before another proper takeover is the talk of Wednesday fans?

Well, Milan Mandaric has always said that he is likely to sell the club one day when it is right for everyone concerned.

So it may not be an age before it happens. But Milan loves his football and has taken a shine to the Owls and Sheffield and I reckon it will be a long time yet before he says a fond farewell.

He spent almost four years at Leicester before bowing out and leaving the club in the hands of what he regarded as good owners.

Now his Hillsborough project is coming along nicely after his wise running of the club over the last 11 months.

I am sure he feels there is plenty of work to do yet, and to me he does not seem the type to ease off simply on the grounds of age; he is 73.

If and when he does flog the club then it should be relatively swift and clear-cut - unlike the messy saga over several years which preceded his welcome arrival and when there were many fingers in the Hillsborough pie.

As chairman and sole owner, he now holds all the aces. Any would-be buyers are only going to be dealing with one man.

Anyone who is generally interested, or who is only seeking favourable publicity, should take note that up to November, 2010 Wednesday fans were fed up of people who made headlines but never came up with the goods.

That’s where Mandaric was different. He made a determined approach and put his money on the table, to land the club for around £9 million.

As for this week’s story, with somebody claiming that they are planning a takeover, well we’ve seen it all before. But it was great publicity for Sybil Danning and her husband, Horst Lasse, who as far as I could see have no experience of running a football club.

Why would Mandaric want to sell now, anyway? There is a realistic chance that Wednesday will be in the Championship next season; promotion would make the club worth even more than it is now. What if they also do a Norwich and end up in the Premier League in a couple of years’ time? A tall order, but not impossible

Mandaric almost did it at Leicester: the Foxes went up as League One champions in 2009 and reached the Championship play-off semi-finals the following year.

Mandaric, club staff and Gary Megson deserve credit for putting the Owls where they are now, and one way or another there should be interesting times ahead.

Headlines of another sort have been made by Gary Madine and Megson after their brushes with authority.

The manager’s sending-off at Wycombe did raise a valid issue. He was complaining that when his team were having to defend a free kick, where having 10 men was virtually no disadvantage to the attacking side, he couldn’t get Rob Jones on the field because of the rule about players with a cut having to go off for attention and a change of shirt.

I have always thought it daft that a team who temporarily lose a player through a foul or an injury have to take him over the touchline, and are the ones being penalised while play goes on.