I never expected it to be so Messi in midweek

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Sport has an almost unique ability to make otherwise sane people look daft.

Whether it is the players or participants performing for our pleasure or the lowly position of our fantasy football team after months of careful summer planning, the only thing predictable is the unpredictable.

That is why Sheffield Wednesday’s away form isn’t so confusing using sporty logic. Gritty and determined within the friendly confines of Hillsborough, the players suddenly become unsure and self-concious on the road in backwaters (obligatory no disrespect) such as Bournemouth, Bury and Stevenage.

Usually I try for the old reverse jinx when predicting the outcome of Wednesday matches. On Tuesday, though, I was full of it. The Owls will win, I said.

Having just seen Gary Madine and Liam Palmer tear apart a very good MK Dons team I thought the penny had dropped. I have this suspicion that the Owls squad are a set of box-tickers. I mean, they will only believe they are good enough when they deliver a result.

That first win against Rochdale on opening day proved they could win at home in a way that they couldn’t last season. A home loss now would be a surprise.

The Charlton draw was, in my opinion, a box ticked. Yes, we can go away and get a result - just watch us now!

Erm, no. It was back to whatever comes before square one in Hertfordshire.

It must be a mental issue. Ability doesn’t come and go - you either have it or you don’t. Application, on the other hand, can be turned on and off like a tap.

Owls manager Gary Megson has spoken this week about the players getting back to basics. Work hard and the rest will follow is his simple message. We’ll see tomorrow whether that happens or not.

Football fans are, for the most part, a realistic bunch. In League One you’re not expecting Messi-type skill. You do expect Messi-type workrate though. If it’s good enough for the world’s best, then it should be the bedrock of Wednesday’s performance in deepest Somerset.

So, on that I agree with Megson. I do have to raise a difference of opinion I have with him over Owls squad player Mark Reynolds.

In these pages today he seems to suggest Reynolds has had his chance to make an impression in Sheffield.The caveat is that people are entitled to their opinion and the manager will never stand in the way of someone making their voice heard.

From what I have seen of Reynolds I think he’s a good player. The sort of footballer who will never be known for thunderous challenges but who may develop into an attacking option down the left when first choice Julian Bennett is injured or unavailable.

Sport, as well making you look daft from time-to-time, is also about opinions. Mine differs from yours as mine differs from Megson’s.

It is worth remembering it won’t be me having to answer the questions at Huish Park from the media and it won’t be me driving home in a big car at the end of a day’s work.

For that, you have to respect the man in charge and the hard work and knowledge that earned him the right to make those decisions.