Five ways Sheffield Wednesday's season could be resolved with coronavirus suspension likely to be extended

The suspension of sport worldwide due to the coronavirus crisis has thrown football into an unprecedented limbo, with many questioning how seasons will be completed and how on earth you begin to cram everything into an already packed calendar.

Sunday, 15th March 2020, 6:10 pm

But with the European Championships reportedly set to be postponed, authorities have been left scratching their chin as to what could be the best route forward.

Sheffield Wednesday’s mid-table descent since Christmas places them in a far different position to, say, Liverpool or Leeds United, of course.

Let’s take a look at five possible fates the Championship could – in theory – end up enduring.

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Pick up and carry on

It seems unlikely the league will resume on April 4 as scheduled, but whenever the world returns to normal, it would surely make most sense to crack on from where we are?

It’s not that simple of course. Player contracts run out in June and squads may still be affected by the illness. It’s a minefield.

Draw a line under it

Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough ground deserted at 3pm on Saturday. Their game against Nottingham Forest was called off along with all games in the EFL and Premier League due to the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19. Picture Scott Merrylees

Where you stand is where you finish. Congratulations to Leeds and West Brom, apologies to Barnsley, Luton and Charlton.

It would bring the integrity of the league into question and would bring litigation that would rumble on for years and could bankrupt the league.

Play it behind closed doors

Far from ideal? Messy? Absolutely. But if and when there is any sense that players can carry on ahead of the safety of mass crowds, could this be the way forward?

Some clubs would have players unavailable, but could that effectively be treated as regular illness or injury would? There’s no easy answer.

Void the season and take the points forward

The season is cancelled and all clubs start the following season with the record they’ve got, points, goal difference and all.

Again, it’s a minefield and seems wildly unfair in a whole host of ways.

Void it completely

The season wraps up and it’s shoved into the pigeon hole of history. No promotion, no relegation, we go again. It seems unlikely. Lawyers would bring football to its knees.