Fans Reaction: Owls fans’ views on new sporting directors for Sheffield Wednesday

New Sheffield Wednesday Appointments Glenn Roeder (left) and Adam Pearson (right) with Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri
New Sheffield Wednesday Appointments Glenn Roeder (left) and Adam Pearson (right) with Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri
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The news that Sheffield Wednesday have appointed two new sporting directors, Adam Pearson and Glenn Roeder, has been met with general positivity by Owls fans.

Though some questioned Roeder’s previous managerial record, others shot down that view by pointing out that this is a completely different role.

Pearson’s professionalism and experience was also hailed as Wednesday supporters look forward to a new dawn at Hillsborough

Here is a selection on their views:

@trueblue93 - #swfc we are getting back to being a big, nay, #massive club again, statement of intent by chansiri

@Jacko1592 - Liking what Pearson, Roeder & Chansiri have had to say, Buzzing for next season already

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Glenn Roeder - his career so far

@elTav - Can’t help feeling a bit underwhelmed by today’s announcement from Wednesday. If it’s backed by 100m for players then OK.

@andypars - My club today has been described as a ‘project’. That’s usually what mercenaries who are just after the cash usually say!

@FayeMarieMorton - Seriously, the prospect of Premier League football by 2017 is nil with Roeder in charge #swfc #uto #wawaw

@lecrin - Wednesdayites should approach Adam Pearson involvement with caution. Don’t readily fall for his patter. Ask Leeds, Derby Hull.

@jimimanovsteel - Am I the only person out there who’s not entirely sure what a sporting director does?

@TomHock1 - Encouraged by approach to #swfc restructure, thought Adam Pearson spoke well. The changes won’t be instant though and fans must be patient

@Harry_BoothSWFC - Tell you what , players will be kept on their toes with this many people involved

@RobShirley6561 - Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that some people automatically think new #swfc structure is a bad thing. Lets give it a chance owls

@lewsouthy - Always thought directors of sport ect. are fairly Mikey Mouse roles. Will be the most intriguing pre season at S6 for... well ever.

@JSWY303 - Encouraging appointments today at #swfc Both bringing a wealth of experience of PL in different aspects to complement Gray. Looking bright!

@ChrisJSellars - Always liked Adam Pearson and comfortable with the appointment of Roeder too. Very surprised Gray wasn’t part of the unveiling though.

@Wisbey82 - I for one think this management committee idea is extremely good for the club getting quite excited now #swfc

@leelucas28 - I reckon this new set up could be just what we and especially SG needs, lets him do what he’s best at, coach. Time will tell #SWFC

@dan_N_smith - Three-man managerial committee at #Hillsborough. I don’t like the sound of this...

@RickCrawley - Pearson an experienced (& wealthy?) football man, providing he works well with Gray looks like good news. Roeder more surprising.

@MatttttDent - No idea what to make of this 3 man committee... Too many cooks spoiling the broth??

@ashleytowers - Interesting new set up at #swfc Will judge it based on results - I just worry about clashing of egos especially if we have a bad run of form

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