LiveDarren Moore press conference LIVE: Sheffield Wednesday boss talks injuries, survival and Reading

Good morning and a very warm welcome to The Star’s LIVE coverage of this morning’s Sheffield Wednesday press conference.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 8:32 am

Owls boss Darren Moore will address the media after what has been a busy first few days in his post.

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Sheffield Wednesday manager Darren Moore will speak to the media this morning.

Darren Moore press conference LIVE: Owls boss looks ahead to Reading trip

Last updated: Friday, 05 March, 2021, 09:45

DM on playing enjoyable football

That’s what we want. We’re trying to get to a level where we get the players to a platform where they can express themselves. We have to give them a level and an arena to bring their ability and showcase their talent, to show why they’re at Sheffield Wednesday.

I’m sure the supporters want to see that, full commitment and a brand of football that makes them proud to watch their team.

DM on instilling work

You’ve got to learn quickly. We’re still playing football and competing for games.

In the couple of days we’ve been here I couldn’t have asked for anymore from them. The longer we’re in here we’ll get more and more going forward.

He didn’t get the right projection on the ball. He’s got fantastic ability but he didn’t get the right contact, it’s one of those things.

It’s gone now and we move on from it, there’s so much more football to be played this season.

DM on changes to training

It’s a little different in terms of the exercises we do with them, players will get used to them.

The training is conditioned in another way, it’s all towards a periodisation of where we want to be. People have been excellent. There’s no hidden formula, it’s time and consistency.

They carry a threat with their attacking style and how they go about it.

At the same time, we know when we get down there we’re going to have to play well ourselves. It’s going to be a good game of football, two teams that will play an attacking brand of football. It’ll be a different game.

DM on Massimo Luongo

He’s one that has been on the treatment table. We’re hoping we’ll know more on him next week at some point.

There are one or two on the treatment table where it would have been nice to have them available. We want them back and when they are back they stay back.

Mass is an excellent player, we know that. He’ll be a wonderful addition with the squad.

He sent me a message to wish me well, and I’m sure I’ll speak to him at some stage over the course of the month.

DM on former managers

A lot of the managers I’ve played under have messaged to wish me well. And said what a challenge and opportunity it is. I’ve taken something from every manager I’ve worked with - every single one of them. I don’t think you can follow a particular one, and every manager has their own unique style and I’m no different.

I like to interact with people on a day-to-day basis. I like to have an open relationship.

The facilities are great, we can max them out and that’s what we want to do. We’re really happy, we know the stadium is a magnificent arena and it’s a tick tick in terms of those. We need to let the weeks pass by and get to work.

At the moment, I’ve just come in and what’s gone on before has gone on before... There’s a new dynamic in terms of how I work, and I have to find the strengths of these individuals on their own and as a whole. It’s too early for me to give too much information. I’m working hard, and so are the players.

It’s too early for that. What’s gone on has gone on. It’s a clean slate and it’s about performing. It’s in the player’s hands.

I’ve been getting around everyone from the groundstaff to the secretary, recpetionists, laundry, academy, security.

I want to get round as many as I can, meeting people and getting to know people. I want to know people by their first name. There’s the football, but there’s so much behind the scenes.

People get a visual of the team and me, but there are people working day in day out for the football club. The work they do is greatly appreciated.

DM on having been in relegation scraps

It does help. Any part of the game that you experience as a player or manager, coaching, you can lend your experience to it.

It’s the mindset, going into situations. It’s about working hard, implementing and doing the right things.

DM on communication with players

I’m an advocate for performances and finding consistency. That’s what we need to work towards, to understand the roles and responsibilities.

There’s nothing better than seeing that confidence build week after week.

DM on response form players

Really positive. We spoke about the feeling of sucker punch like that. I wanted to dispell that straight away. The play was excellent and we have to stay in that energy and positivity.

They seem in good spirits, we get back out and work today and keep looking forward.

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