Chris Evans: Sheffield Wednesday fans are “definitely Premier League”

Blades v Owls....Owls Ass Manager Chris Evans joins in the celebrations with Wednesday fans
Blades v Owls....Owls Ass Manager Chris Evans joins in the celebrations with Wednesday fans
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CHRIS Evans cites his amazing celebration after the Sheffield derby as a sign of the Owls’ passion.

The club’s assistant manager ran across the pitch to the fans and was engulfed by them at the front of the stand.

He has now explained that his main aim was to thank them for their “incredible” backing.

But he also knows he is not alone at Hillsborough in feeling fervour for the club and admiration for the fans.

“It was a highly charged and emotional day; I just wanted to convey how much the manager, the staff and the club appreciated the incredible input of the supporters,” he explained. “We’d gone two down, though we were playing very well, but the fans stuck with us.

“In life you get moments that are spontaneous: I saw a group of our supporters who were wildly celebrating; I knew Tango was among them. It could have been any section of our fans: I just ran over there and jumped over the board.

“I wanted to shake a few hands; the moment became even more electric, and I think they lifted me off my feet. I really enjoyed it. I felt proud of them. We felt proud of them.

“We were all a bit pumped up. We’d got two goals in the last eight minutes. There was no way I was leaving that ground without saying ‘you played a massive part.’

“I, the manager, Andy Rhodes and Neil Thompson [coaches] and all the backroom staff went on to the pitch to acknowledge them. They’re definitely Premier League.”

Evans added: “I had a message before the game from a manager: he wished me good luck and said this is what it’s about: ‘Passion.’

“We have passion on the pitch, on the bench, in the directors’ box with Milan Mandaric and Paul Aldridge, among the staff, and of course among the supporters.

“In the game, there were colleagues of mine in blue and white who didn’t half put in a shift, as promised.”