Be patient, it’s simple says Jones

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NEW Wednesday manager Dave Jones says patience will be key in implementing a new style of play at Hillsborough.

The Owls players were noticably more comfortable in possession during their 4-1 victory over Bury on Tuesday night with Jones explaining that a simple instruction may have made the difference.

“I just asked them to be a bit more patient than getting the ball from A to B as quickly as possible.

“When you’re popping the ball about, there has to be an end to it; you’re not just passing it for the sake of passing it; we did that a couple of times in the first half (against Bury) and got caught. It takes a bit of time - we’re talking about two days (of preparation).”

Maybe unfairly, Wednesday have earned a reputation of trying to ‘hoof’ their way out of League One. But Jones thinks that goes against what he thinks the players are capable of.

He said: “Somebody said to me earlier on that in the first couple of months of the season they were playing good football, it’s only the last couple of months, talking to the lads, that it became a bit boom-boom.

“That might be fear, or getting frustrated with things. There’s no right way to play and no wrong way. The right way is getting results, and I’m grateful I got the result because they (Bury) were decent.

“They had a couple of threats but we stopped that and played well.”

Jones has been around long enough to know that one win doesn’t mean anything other than a step in the right direction.

However, his simple principles may prove popular with Owls players and fans alike.

He said: “It’s a stupid saying, but if you have the ball then the other team can’t score, and you’ve got more chance of doing that if you have it.

“I think they enjoyed it near the end. They deserved their bit of popping the ball around, but now everybody’s going to be thinking we’re going to be passing it around all the time; you have to earn that right. We did that.

“It’s good to play at home. It’s a great pitch to play on. If you can’t enjoy it out there, then where are they going to enjoy it? That’s all it was.”