Alan Biggs: The state Sheffield Wednesday are in comes from much higher than Garry Monk

In the eyes of some supporters Garry Monk will start with a personal points deduction next season. . . it seems everyone at Sheffield Wednesday could be playing catch up.

By Alan Biggs
Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, 1:00 pm

But hopefully still in the Championship with any EFL penalty logically more likely to take effect NEXT season, not this. Subject to appeal. And surely you can’t take away status that you can’t give back on appeal?

One thing is clearer. Whatever happens on the disciplinary front, Wednesday are in no position to fire and hire managers.

Who would they attract, what could they offer? Only the possibility of a huge points minus for starters. And certainly a smaller budget.

Sheffield Wednesday manager Garry Monk is yet to really win over a large number of Owls fans. Pic Steve Ellis

Fans can have a wish list (Nigel Pearson, Mick McCarthy, Danny Cowley etc) but it ain’t happening as far as I can see.

Only the middle name looks remotely viable. I think the other two would be discounted by the club for political and historic reasons - whether they’d take it or not

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McCarthy might be up for it under certain conditions - he was before Steve Bruce.

Hypothetical, though, as the job cannot be defined. Like it or not, Monk is in position and he is up for it.

That was recognised in a poll by fan group Wednesdayite, which narrowly favoured him being allowed to continue.

Monk’s performance so far is hard to defend, but his managerial record is in credit at three of his former clubs - Swansea, Leeds and Birmingham.

He’s moved around too much - Middlesbrough as well - but not of his own volition. Given his own coaching team and a run at rebuilding, Wednesday could do a lot worse.

The crisis is not of his making. It is rooted in decision-making from the top. And it is there, rather than on the field, that the long road back must start.

A chance to learn and move on. I’ve stopped itemising mistakes. We’ve seen the accumulated result and nothing can change that.

In the process, there is some evidence of an adapted approach. Recruitment has improved. That needs to continue for the long haul ahead.

The club also needs a continuing turnover of players in and out. And ideally a football executive overseeing that highly specialised task. Then for Dejphon Chansiri, still with ultimate authority, effectively the owner rather than chairman.

He’d still be credited for success; I, for one, would make sure of that.

As for Monk, he badly needs to gain - or restore - the faith of many fans.

Yet the changes he is attempting had to be made whoever was manager and whatever the results. There was bound to be pain in the process.

The argument over him continuing has been a sideshow to a bigger picture.

If he retains the support of Chansiri there is no point prolonging that argument.

Monk can hopefully be a “new” manager this summer in the sense that he can influence the shape of the squad for the first time, implant his ideas and get to work with his own staff.

Don’t expect miracles. In these circumstances, staying in the Championship and a gradual recovery is about the maximum.

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