Alan Biggs' Sheffield Wednesday Column: Decision has to be made on Lee Bullen's future soon ... he is on trial for his job in every game, and the pressure isn't fair

Lots of people seem to fear for Lee Bullen. The important thing is that he does not fear for himself.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 6:47 pm
Owls caretaker boss Lee Bullen- Pic Steve Ellis

Bullen would like the Sheffield Wednesday job and is prepared to take the risk of putting his club hero status on the line. Nothing unfair about that.

What is unfair is the degree of pressure to which he is being subjected. As if he is on trial for the job - in every match.

So I feel there has to be a decision on his claims very soon, one way or the other. Ideally during the international break which follows QPR’s visit on Saturday.

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Currently, it’s win a game and “give him the job”, lose the next and “appoint an experienced manager.”

Bullen has won three out of five in the league - and yet, without having a perfect record, he can’t win.

Let’s look at it this way. Wednesday are seventh in the Championship.

That’s roughly where, over the course of the season, my expectation of this squad would be, plus or minus a place or two.

And make no mistake, it’s a squad on which there’s still work to be done. Athleticism is the name of the game in modern day football and, as The Star’s Owls writer Dom Howson has said, the average age needs lowering further.

Bullen is doing the job as prescribed. No more can be asked of him. If something extra is deemed to be required, that action should be taken.

If not, then his position needs to be put on a firmer footing to avoid the knee-jerk public response to each result.

Not that opinions either way are necessarily invalid. Everyone has his or her own idea and many have been consistent from the start.

My own hasn’t changed either, for what it’s worth. I’d have taken Chris Hughton in a heartbeat if he could be persuaded. Failing that, Bullen gets the club, knows the players and has got off to a decent enough start to suggest Wednesday can be competitive this season.

His crime is losing two away games - by the odd goal, in each case.

Equally, it has to be accepted that the Owls have not had the most difficult of starts.

Whatever your view, a decision has to be made and the fortnight’s break is the right time for it.