Alan Biggs at Large: When players are fit, I can't see a weakness in Sheffield Wednesday's squad

Sheffield Wednesday already have a serious promotion-challenging squad. If it isn’t then it should be.

Thursday, 16th December 2021, 11:01 am
Owls boss Darren Moore Pic Steve Ellis

January will bring the usual flood of speculation and names. There is no self-respecting manager out there who doesn’t want to strengthen his hand.Indeed, I’ve known chairmen who are less enamoured of those managers who don’t pressure them than those who do. They like to see ambition and be challenged.There is also the usual expectation that the Owls’ chairman will back whatever is necessary - even if it can be only via loans and free agents - for a return to the Championship.But he would be entitled to think he’s done enough already. And surely the biggest imperative of this window is that the club doesn’t overstretch itself - again.The points penalty hanging over Hillsborough for any failure to pay players’ wages has to be the prime focus; far bigger than urging the signing of this player or that.I’m not suggesting there is an imminent danger of this, even though the controversial pre-Christmas season ticket offer understandably raised suspicions. We simply don’t know.But everyone is painfully aware, from last season, of how crippling cash flow issues can be.So I think the owner, having rightly taken the blame for Wednesday crashing into the third tier, would be well within his rights to keep the purse strings tight.Every window comes with a clamour from fans of every club to excite them with signings. It’s a dangerous media-led expectation which completely cuts across the much-needed push for football to be reined in by an independent regulator.In the Owls case, I think a large section of the supporter base is wised up enough to opt out of the window mania on this occasion.Promotion is important, yes, but not as vital as the club’s solvency.Which is not to say that things can’t be tweaked a little on the basis of a departure or two, a loan player returning to his club for instance, opening the way to a bit of recruitment.But when all or most players are fit, I can’t see a serious weakness in Darren Moore’s squad. Let’s hope the club can gain strength from that in every respect.

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