Alan Biggs at Large: Two keepers worthy of Sheffield Wednesday legend

Ron Springett  former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper
Ron Springett former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper
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One more memory of Ron Springett following the former Sheffield Wednesday and England keeper’s passing this week.

Ex-Owls groundsman Dave Barber recalls the home debut of Ron’s brother, Peter, after the two Springetts had swapped clubs in an extraordinary deal with QPR in 1967.

“Ron told me this story,” says Barber.

“He came to Peter’s first game at Hillsborough where he had nothing to do at the start in defending the Kop end.

“Finally, there’s a volley flying for the top corner and Peter springs to tip it away for a corner. It was a great save.

“When the ball doesn’t come back on to the field Peter turns to see this bloke holding on to it at the front of the terrace.

“He just said to Peter: ‘If that’d been your Ron he’d have caught that!’”

“It just shows how highly Ron was regarded and, having had the pleasure of knowing him, he was an absolute gentleman.”

This also reminds me of the great truth that sometimes you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Long gone in the case of a more recent Wednesday keeper, Kevin Pressman, and the reason why a group of fans are campaigning for him to be awarded the testimonial he was denied on leaving the club in 2004 – after 17 years and 404 appearances.

Pressman was a superb servant of the club and I have to say this campaign is more than worthy of consideration.