Alan Biggs at Large: Sheffield Wednesday can make a statement with their signings, but patience remains the key

Owls new owner Dejphon Chansiri
Owls new owner Dejphon Chansiri
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A wealthy new owner generates excitement. A wait for signings generates impatience. It’s only natural... a bit like waiting for Christmas as a kid.

Seeing is believing in all things Sheffield Wednesday. It’s been that way around S6 for some years, regardless of who has been chairman.

Tom Lees

Tom Lees

Nothing personal against Dejphon Chansiri, pictured.

Far from it.

So you can understand if some supporters are getting a little anxious for evidence that the Owls will spend “whatever it takes” to escape the Championship in the next two seasons. But mid-summer lulls are nothing unusual, of course.

There will be signings and you’d have to reckon a lot of them.

What we don’t know is the level of that recruitment. Which is why I feel it could be symbolically important for the opening moves to capture the imagination.

Clubs can tend to line up, or even stockpile, additions before announcing them. Then comes a trickle that can turn into a flood.

The order is strategically important - because, rightly or wrongly, a lot will be read into the opening gambits.

Then again, the better the player the longer the stake-out. Guesswork on targets is pretty futile. Beyond a long-held belief that Blackburn’s Ben Marshall and Watford’s Lewis McGugan are among them, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

There will always be rumours but I sense that this Hillsborough hierarchy is working under much closer cover than before.

Transfer operator Glenn Roeder is largely away from the media spotlight while head coach Stuart Gray always tries to distance himself from speculation. And rightly.

Providing the right players are in place, who cares how they got there? Or for how much? The bottom line is that the Thai tycoon is a businessman, which usually means not paying out more than you need to.

As such, it would be foolish for him to yield to the clamour in some quarters for him to reveal the depth of the club’s budget.

Holding firm on centre back Tom Lees in the face of apparently persistent interest from Fulham (bids reportedly rising to £1.5m) would be seen as a starting block, no more, though it does seem that the Owls could be tested further on this.

Beyond that, you can’t disagree with the general feeling that Wednesday have to be seen to be shopping at a higher level than before.