Alan Biggs at Large: Selfless Stuart Gray accepted the pressure and took the heat off his players

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When a manager comes “under pressure,” the natural tendency is for him to swerve the subject. Stuart Gray decided to meet it head on.

The only crash impact was a first win in 11 games - and I think, as I did at the time, that the Owls boss got his tactics spot on.

Until he spoke ahead of the Wigan visit, some people were suggesting that the “pressure” was purely media generated.

But there are always things we can’t say, confidences to keep, and let’s just say that whispers around the club suggested strongly that the uncomplaining head coach was at a tipping point of his reign.

Gray appeared perfectly happy for the assumption to be presumed correct as he looked ahead to Saturday.

He used it to his advantage in that fans were generally supportive of his record and circumstances, and the players unquestionably behind him.

Gray kept the onus off them by putting himself in the spotlight but also provided some extra motivation for his team to come to the aid of a man they hold in high esteem.

How many said they wanted to do it “for Stuart?”

But let’s not forget that owner Milan Mandaric will have been equally delighted with the 2-1 win.

He’ll also hope it’s a turning point.