Alan Biggs at Large: Nuhiu right to hit back at critics

Atdhe Nuhiu
Atdhe Nuhiu
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Well said Atdhe Nuhiu in standing up to his critics. And I’m convinced the majority of Sheffield Wednesday fans will stand up for him.

The minority, always the loudest voices on social media, can now target those who support one of the stoutest-hearted players I’ve seen in an Owls shirt. And if he can take it, so can we, can’t we?

There are many better players, but Nuhiu is right that in his time no-one other than loanee Connor Wickham has been better at putting the ball in the net. Some will howl Row Z in response to that and, yes, there have been some howling misses. But there is barely a centre back or opposition manager who has rested easy against Atdhe’s 6’ 6” of muscle, effort, energy and sheer enthusiasm.

I’d go so far as to say that a natural poacher alongside him would be picking up pieces by the bucket load. And it’s not his fault that one has yet to

be signed, though efforts were continuing as the Telegraph went to press.

The name game starts all over again in the loan window. This column’s only contribution would be to repeat the names you know.

Failing that, what about a shot-to-nothing on a short-term deal for Marvin Sordell? There must be some question marks after Sordell was paid off by Burnley but none against his ability considering Bolton paid Watford £3m for his services just 20 months ago.

He’s still only 24 and a guy who must have something to prove.

Just like Atdhe.