Alan Biggs at Large: New Sheffield Wednesday set-up changes nothing for Stuart Gray

Owls boss Stuart Gray
Owls boss Stuart Gray
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An important postscript on Sheffield Wednesday’s new managerial set-up. It is built to survive any changes of “manager.”

Hold tight. No-one is wishing ill on head coach Stuart Gray who gets the chance he deserves next season to operate with a reshaped and hopefully much strengthened squad as part of a three-man football steering team.

But, in a sense, Wednesday have isolated the role that is always vulnerable to change in this volatile sport from the overall management structure. The idea, I imagine, would be that this stays in place regardless of results and whoever is in charge on the first team coaching front. That way some continuity is maintained.

It’s a management model designed for the long term future. Time will tell on whether it succeeds but it is well-intentioned and likely to become increasingly common in football.

I believe the faith being expressed in Gray is genuine, for all that he is the man at the sharp end. In that, he is no more or less secure than before.