Alan Biggs at Large: It’ll be a little while before Chansiri hits the panic button

Owls Head Coach Carlos Carvalhal
Owls Head Coach Carlos Carvalhal
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It’s started already. When the subject turns to Sheffield Wednesday in some press rooms, the question is how long the owner will give a “manager” that some of the interrogators struggle to name - and, in a few cases, fail to realise is only head coach. Which obviously makes him even

more vulnerable.

So who knows? Except it shouldn’t be an issue. Yet. Not after just seven games with a new and evolving squad – although not to raise it is to ignore the way of the football world.

But maybe people are misjudging the faith invested in Carlos Carvalhal by Dejphon Chansiri. And that it runs deeper than the £9m spent on players. So far.

Think about this. If Chansiri was easily swayed by the masses then he wouldn’t have appointed Carvalhal in the first place. To plump for a little-known coach, along with a radical change of structure, had to be a telling insight into the chairman’s character.

If stubborn is the word then you’d think it will extend to an extended chance for the man of his choice. To perform an early about-turn would be conceding that he got it wrong. I don’t see him making such an admission easily, especially with a largely Portuguese coaching team built as a unit around the main man.

Chansiri is too smart not to have known that Carvalhal, amid the clamour for a big name, was not going to be instantly popular. The reaction was predictably negative and I was more than puzzled myself.

You can imagine Chansiri saying to Carvalhal words to the effect of “look, what this criticism really shows is how much I believe in you.” It then seems to follow that a few setbacks at this embryonic stage are not going to unhinge the relationship, barring any factors beyond results.

Frankly, it’s not Carlos’s fault that the club’s transfer committee has drawn blanks on strikers. Is the new dynamic, with the coach apparently divorced from deals, working? And can it? I hope so but have yet to be convinced on that score.

The owner is genuinely committed, having pledged Premier League by 2017. But that is two seasons, not one, and I think that evidence of rocketing standards in the Championship, along with spending, shows that to do it this season is already a very long shot.

I think most supporters fully understand this reality and there’s been no great agitation about the choice of an an engaging, enthusiastic, experienced character who speaks sensibly. The football is promising, albeit goals are sorely needed, starting at home to Fulham this weekend. For me, it will be a little while yet before we can make a fair and proper judgment on Carlos. Though it’s hard to get beyond the “little.”

Must add that this is largely based on intuition as we’re dealing with a regime that gives practically nothing away and is impossible to second guess for journalists answering supporters’ questions largely on instinct.

But one thing of which the local media is overridingly conscious is to give a rather uncommunicative owner the fair treatment he has appeared intent on giving his coach.