Alan Biggs at Large: All Sheffield Wednesday boss Stuart Gray can do is keep on winning

Gone..Stuart Gray
Gone..Stuart Gray
  • Takeover will always lead to doubts over a manager’s future
  • Better for Gray to build up momentum for next season
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A form of words has yet to be invented whereby a new owner of a football club can convince every supporter – and journalist – that he is keeping hold of the club’s current manager.

So any lingering uncertainty surrounding Stuart Gray is a fact of life.

We just don’t know for certain and neither can he, for all Dejphon Chansiri’s apparently reassuring words.

Which is one more good reason why Gray is leaving nothing to chance.

And neither must his players if, as seems strongly to be the case, he is their kind of boss.

Until recent years, managers of teams going neither up or down might indulge in some experimentation with next season in mind and enter a logical plea for some tolerance about finishing either side of mid-table.

But these days managers are judged almost week-to-week, regardless of new ownership. And then there’s human nature kicking in. If you were entrusting a large dollop of your own money, would it be to someone of your personal choosing or someone you inherited?

So it’s impossible to remove that element of doubt, however sincere Chansiri’s intentions may be.

Like everyone, he will be influenced by results. Gray continuing to get them is the surest way of keeping the status quo.

And, in my view, the best way forward for all concerned.