VIDEO: Sheffield referee watch - look out for the overweight official

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Football referee managers should have a discreet word with Geoff Eltringham about his weight.

That’s the view of former referee Keith Hackett.

Eltringham was a late replacement put in charge of the Sheffield United win over Preston North End last weekend.

Hackett speaking on “Your are the Ref” web show said: “I saw him at Barnsley last year and I think he has got a lot of things going for him.

“But what lets him down is he fatigues towards the end of the game because he is carrying too ‘many bags of sugar.’

“If you take an individual and give him two bags of sugar (in weight) that becomes quite a thing towards the end of the game.

“That’s down the coaching or management to whisper in his ear and say get on the nutrition and take note of what we are saying.”

Andy D’Urso - who was in charge of Sheffield Wednesday’s win at Nottingham - was once known as yellow peril, said Hackett, but over the years has matured.

“He is coming to the end of his career and perhaps he ignores any form of advice that one wants to give to him. He does his own thing, with that comes an element of leniency which sometimes explodes, then you have a big peak of yellow and red cards.”