Video: Jim Phipps on big signing...”He’s not any full back, he’s John Brayford”

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James Phipps could barely hide his delight after it was officially announced that John Brayford was returning to Sheffield United.

The right back rejoined United yesterday, in what was admitted by Phipps to have been a ‘seven-figure’ deal and aside from hailing the return of ‘the Beard’ in this video, the Blades co-chairman also shared a story on social media on Brayford’s signing.

John Brayford is back

John Brayford is back


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Brayford completes signing

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In a Facebook post circulating last night, Phipps wrote:

“Blades, thank you for all your kind words towards the board, management and myself. I’d like to share an anecdote from earlier today, which for me sums up our John Brayford and why we Blades love him. While up in Preston today I went up to see John while he signed his papers in an office provided by our gracious PNE hosts. When I waked in the room I saw our MD, Mal B (Brannigan), and his daughter, John’s father, John and John’s partner in the room. When he saw he, John gave a big smile, came right over, gave me a big hug and said “Thank You!” With those two words, John tells us all everything we need to know about what it means for him to wear the red and white strip.”

Brayford, who is expected to be officially unveiled to fans this week, wrote on his twitter account: “Couldn’t not come back after last year. Massive thanks need go to everyone who got it done.(Jim+Mal)once a know the rest.”

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