'VAR at its absurd worst': Everything big-name pundits said about Sheffield United's disallowed goal

Sheffield United found themselves on the wrong side of one of the most controversial VAR decisions of the season.

By Rhys Thomas
Monday, 11th November 2019, 10:26 am
Updated Monday, 11th November 2019, 11:21 am
VAR ruled out Sheffield United's equaliser

Chris Wilder couldn’t quite believe that his Sheffield United side were denied an equaliser against Tottenham Hotspur for a strange offside decision. The decision was the latest in a line of controversial calls by VAR, and pundits were very much on Sheffield United’s side of the argument.

Check out their reaction below:

Gary Lineker: “VAR at its absurd worst rules out a Sheffield United equaliser for offside which is impossible to see one way or the other. WTF are they doing to our game?”

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Danny Murphy: “We all felt it was a ridiculous decision. VAR was not brought in for this, it was brought in for clear and obvious mistakes. I think this is impossible to say that’s 100% offside. The 50 frames a second we now have, the margin for error is too small. It’s ludicrous that we’re seeing goals chalked off for this.”

Jeff Stelling: “If it’s that close advantage should go to the attacker, three minutes plus! No goal, oh my goodness me, what’s happened to the game!”

Andy Gray: “This is not fit for purpose. This process is destroying football as we know it. Anyone that thinks it's making the game better doesn't love the game.”

Keith Hackett: “This goal was NOT offside when the ball was last played by the Sheffield United player on to his colleague. The decision to rule out this goal is where the Clear and Obvious error was made. We are now ruling out good goals.”

Mark Halsey: “Is this system fit for purpose? At the moment you have to say it isn’t. The buck stops with Mike Riley. The Premier League is being undermined by the implementation of VAR. The camera angles we are seeing need to be parallel with the offside incident — that was not the case here.”

Phil Thompson: “Think of the punters in the stands, come on.”