United let me down when it came to Sky publicity

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Not long to go now until Sheffield United’s competitive season starts once again. It’s the wrong league but at least football is back.

Part of me is excited in the hope of seeing the Blades tear League 1 apart, part of me isn’t for the reason that I’m worried a mid table position is on the cards.

On Sky Sports News, on Wednesday, I was updating the pre-season friendlies. As we are now in the third tier (which of course means we don’t exist in football,) my team was unsurprisingly not on our list of updates. I thought if Sheffield United do really well and have a great game against Doncaster Rovers I would try and sneak in a mention, remind people that we are still out there. No such luck, the Blades didn’t even give me the opportunity to be a little bit naughty and throw it in!

So what can we take from a pre-season friendly at Bramall Lane? For the sake of confidence a week and a half before we needed to be getting points on the board.

However as a trial to test things out and certain players I suppose the scoreline doesn’t really matter as long as Danny Wilson figured a few things out which will improve our performance. Now I hate being negative but do we look any different to our struggling side last season? Can we finish? Are we an attacking threat?

A fair few chances but poor finishing was the hallmark of our game against South Yorkshire rivals. Nothing new there. Surely Wilson has worked on this though?

The boss seemed happy though with what he saw against Donny. He stated that confidence is starting to come. I hope he’s right, as it was something we seriously lacked last time out.

One positive is new boy Ryan Flynn, he could be a nice little signing for the Blades, versatile, young and has pace to service the strikers. His work rate seems impressive on Tuesday and he has a lot of potential.

It will be interesting to see how we step up to Blackpool, newly relegated from the Premier League, at Bramall Lane. I feel it’s important we get a good performance in and a result. It’s essential we start the season on a high, not just for the League table but for the much scrutinised boss and the team but also the fans need to gain some confidence back from the club that we mean business and are successfully going to fight our way out of this mess and straight to promotion. So a friendly win against Blackpool will start us off just nicely.

I hope it doesn’t mean anything that Captain Blade came last in the recent annual mascot Grand National. Maybe it just means we need to get Captain Blade fit and off the half time pies. Training time for Captain Blade!