Time for all true Blades’ fans to support our club

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It’s just a blip.

Keep the faith, stay composed and we will come back stronger.

Sheffield United may have lost their last two (and three out of last four and yes we don’t need to be reminded that we lost against local rivals Sheffield Wednesday) but this doesn’t mean our promotion fight is on the way out.

I’ve heard a few fellow Blades say that the promotion dream has ended.

Come off it! If the players had that attitude they might as well hang their boots up now.

Just a little reminder that United are still in second place in League One and we still have a game in hand.

The patched-up back four against Walsall had only started nine games between them this season.

Mistakes cost us but mistakes are part of life, as long as we learn from them going forward.

Defeats are a test of character not victories, they are to bounce back from and that is just what we will do.

I was talking to a sports hypnotherapist this week about my own training.

I asked how if you’ve had a bad session, in my case it is boxing and running, what was the best way to move on from it?

She said to draw in the positives and physically wipe away the negatives.

Tennis players and golfers use the physical action a lot during play.

On court tennis players will pull their arm towards them to draw in a good shot and wipe away a bad shot by using the palm of their hand to almost waft the mistake or doubt away.

I’m not suggesting our team should start waving their hands about on the pitch but they should not dwell on the defeat.

Keep the negative thoughts at bay.

We have a full strong squad, now that all the suspensions have finished.

Matthew Lowton and Harry Maguire are back for Saturday and Danny Wilson will have real selection issues and that’s the best dilemma to have.

Our strikers will also be key.

If we just focus on one game at a time and focus on ourselves, rather than the other teams around us in the table, we will keep hold of that treasured, second place.

Brentford is a sell-out for Blades fans already and we had almost 2,000 fans at Walsall.

Let’s keep our amazing support up, get behind the team and not become those fickle football fans that turn on their team and manager just because we’ve had a couple of losses.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of competition, it makes you strive and unleash your best, which is exactly what we will do.

It might have been in the 1980s that we were last at Brentford, but it’s always nice to see that the last time we played at Griffin Park, 1988, we beat the Bees 4-1. From my point of view there is a bit of pride at stake too with a fellow Sky Sports News presenter Natalie Sawyer, a massive Brentford fan.

We need the three points...and I need bragging rights.