This is our time: we won’t be denied at Wembley

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You know when you just get that ‘feeling’ that something is going to happen a certain way?

A mixture of knowledge, intuition and, I suppose, an old-fashioned gut-feeling.

In the week leading up to the Champions League Final I had a ‘feeling’ Chelsea would win, so much so I even put a charity bet in their favour.

Following that I had a ‘feeling’ David Price would knockout his opponent in the early rounds, again so much so I put a charity bet on, despite literally every other person going for a later result in the fight.

Thirdly, I have a ‘feeling’ that it is Sheffield United’s time.

I’m actually excited to go to Wembley rather than for the first time dreading a theatre of broken dreams.

It does seem though that the majority of Blades are not so positive and prefer the phrase ‘we’ll bottle it.’

This is a game where both teams have suffered play-off heartbreak in the past.

To be fair, if you were looking at the fixture as a neutral it is impossible to call.

Huddersfield Town and United have both claimed this week that their build-up has been calm and composed.

That, both sets of Yorkshire fans, means absolutely nothing.

Of course both clubs will push that out to the media.

Yes Town are said to have the fire power with better strikers leading the way and the name that is said to be the main one to deny United’s progress, Jordan Rhodes.

However every player in a Blades’ shirt knows full well that Rhodes has 40 goals to his name this season.

That is where the game of chess begins and Danny Wilson’s job is to find a way to stop Rhodes and the rest.

Discipline and patience must be the order of the day on Saturday.

Rash, impatient, frustrated moves will only end up in tears. Thus should be avoided by the Blades and forced upon Town.

It will all come down to two things. First, which team will turn up on the day?

And whose team spirit will be the stronger - who feels like fighting to the death?

This will largely be down to how good Danny Wilson or Simon Grayson’s fortnight of preparation has been with a bit of lady luck thrown in.

We can’t take any more disappointments or bad luck.

It’s been one year away from the Championship for United, but 11 years away from the same tier for Town.

But the record book might as well not exist. It’s all about on the day.

I think it will be super close, a tight nervy game that hopefully should turn into some good football.

It also has extra-time written all over it.

I couldn’t help when watching the Champions League penalties that I hope our squad has been practising.

United’s players and fans need to prepare those nerves during this calm before the storm.

I sat down to write this knowing both teams’ current form, results this season and play-off history and all I could think was this is a game that is ridiculously close to call.

However my gut-feeling remains.

This is our time.