The cheap option may not be best

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It’s interesting to hear a few fellow Blades supporters share a similar opinion to me regarding the departure of yet another manager.

Don’t you think Micky Adams would have been the perfect person to take us out of the unwelcome third tier? After all League One is where his expertise developed. Everybody has their own opinion but Adams didn’t exactly gain a squad brimming with talent and stability.

The amount of players on loan didn’t help either. Kevin McCabe stated this week: ‘Colleagues tell me we’ve used over 70 players in two years; that’s not healthy.’ Surely he’s not just noticed?

I was hoping, despite Adams’ stats, the board would give him a chance, create some stability and start building a squad around the Sheffield-born boss.

It’s not like Blades’ problems started when the former Port Vale manager replaced Gary Speed. Adams had just under four months to rectify problems built up over the past managerial reigns.

I’m not being all negative, I still think if there is a focused strategy in place from upstairs we can rebuild. However, I worry about who McCabe is going to get in. My plea is: Don’t go for a cheap option. In the long run that is going to be so much more expensive.

We’re already going to lose money from being relegated. The Sheffield United chairman also said this week ‘I wish the club didn’t have to rely on me for investment. But at the moment it does’ and “I don’t want to (put more money in) but I don’t have any alternative.”

That doesn’t fill me with confidence. Does this mean McCabe doesn’t have the money? Or is unwilling to invest?’ He must have known what owning a football club is all about. It’s always going to cost money and be a risk.

If McCabe can afford it then a long term view is the only way to get us out of our current state. With the astute businessman that the chairman is, he should know that. So I’m going to say it ... questions of the hierarchy at the club should also be asked.

The commitment of the fans is there for everybody to see. I’d like to see the commitment of the board starting with a manager chosen for qualities in football not an attractive price tag.