The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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It won’t surprise anybody who reads football fans’ websites that a derby victory is the perfect opportunity to push your chest out and boast away.

Whether the game is a classic or not ... it’s whether you win or lose that determines who gets exclusive access to bragging rights.

A Blades fan used interesting tactics on our website, - getting his retaliation in first.

The Cat posted: “Blades are here for a kicking ... so kick away, we’re big enough and hard enough, deluded ones.”

Dexter Morgan tried another approach to deal with the pain of losing: “Wendy deserve the 3 points and we deserve nothing, sitting back in the second half and expecting Wendy to do the same was a big mistake.

“Why Danny Wilson waited all that time to put James Beattie and Hoskins on is anyone’s guess and as for Monty Cruyff, heaven help us.”

And Caboose added: “Megson and co deserve the spoils today, Wilson under pressure now with the 2 games in hand. Will someone find an old people’s home for Cresswell.”

Mancblade accepted that the day belonged to Wednesday, but insisted: “Nothing else changes, second spot is still ours to lose. Can’t wait to see your gate for your next home game as the hangers-on will all drift back into the woodwork.”

European Owl couldn’t resist a mild dig at United.

“When you played ball to feet it seemed to cause us problems, hence your possession first half. Then came hit and hope, and Evans was never in from then on. Was this panic or Danny Wilson showing his true colours? I know who I think had the tactics right and yes I would say the same draw or lose. We got it right, DW didn’t. But he is blue and white after all lol.”

On Owlstalk, 3mps noted: If you were on the Kop today then be proud, the actual structure was bouncing! Would love them days back week in week out.

Viva Hate responded: I have a season ticket on the Kop and sometimes get a bit jealous from the scenes in the North but when the Kop is up for it there’s no place I’d rather be in the world!

Thank goodness for somebody inpartial on our website.

mjb66 said: “Well done Sheffield for a great day out, this is Sheffield at it’s best when both our teams meet up.

“Some you win some you lose but the city of Sheffield is the winner in my opinion.”