Stop mentioning next season’s city derby, please!

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I wonder what an earth Mick Adam’s been doing this week to try and change not just the results and football at Sheffield United but the whole mindset?

This week the question I have mostly been asked is: ‘Can the Blades stay up?’

And he most common phrase people have replied to me has been that they are looking forward to the Sheffield derby in League One.

My column last week showed that literally every past statistic out there is telling us that United are taking a trip to League One at the end of this miserable campaign.

However before the Derby game I was keeping the faith. I even put my charity Sky bet to back the Blades.

Well I think the players should club together and give my charity a few quid after did I that. So back to Adams. Has he tried every approach? Is he running out of ideas?

Let’s rewind to 19th February and after the Crystal Palace game.

The boss in his interview seemed still fairly optimistic.

He said: ‘Whatever happens I want them to show pride in their shirt’ and ‘Two important games, it’ll turn around.’

Despite this positive tone, it seemed a translation of ‘I’m worried but I can’t rock the boat.’

Fast forward to the Scunthorpe defeat, the game where for the first 10 minutes the Blades supporters actually had something to cheer about.

A complete change of tone by our gaffer followed: ‘I’m embarrassed by the record I’ve got at the club...I won’t resign...What, are you blaming me now?’

Adams actually laid the blame on the players.

Understandably the pressure is getting to everybody, manager, back-room staff, players, fans, the boardroom.

However what worries me is when Micky said this: ‘I think Scunthorpe were fitter than us.’

Now hang on there - surely Adams has had plenty of time to get his side fit? Plus you don’t need money for that or even state of the art facilities.

You just need determination and motivation.

Worryingly fitness is one of the areas the manager said he was going to improve on when he took over, that was two months ago.

The players would know what had hit them if I went in and took a training session and yes before anybody says anything I am experienced and qualified.

By the time we get to our home game against Derby Micky Adams was well and truly deflated.

Almost like he’s realised his team, our team, is just not good enough and our boss has run out of answers.

A win could change all this in a flash, it could invigorate our manager and our team and us. But where is the next victory? And if it is in our next game is it too little, too late? On a positive I lead the first ever all ladies Speedway training school on Sunday and had my kevlar suit specially made.

The design incorporated Sheffield United’s kit including a huge Blades emblem around the neck area. I’m still loud and proud!

So much so there’s a bit of cyber talk that I should join Captain Blade as mascot. Maybe that will help us win? At the moment I’ll do pretty much anything to save us from going down.