Singing the ‘Greasy Chip Butty’ song... at Arsenal

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SHEFFIELD United average 3.5 goals a game at home, the best attack in the league and last week were the leading scorers in the top four divisions in England.

Ched Evans with 31 goals this season. He was even ‘trending’ on Twitter last week during our win against Chesterfield. Now that is sure to make a (web friendly) Blade smile.

I wasn’t quite smiling on Saturday when I was at the Emirates, I know I should have been watching United play but I was setting off a charity run and taking seven Brixton teenagers to run it, so you’ll have to forgive me.

The reason why I wasn’t smiling, much to the amusement to the young people I am mentoring, was that when we walked into the Emirates I was surrounded by big screens of Sheffield Wednesday’s game against Preston, which I was consequently made to watch.

It did make me laugh though when some of the Arsenal staff were trying to remember the words to the ‘Greasy Chip Butty’ song after I had stated which half of Sheffield I was from, and proudly stating it’s the best football song ever.

I taught them the words while Wednesday were playing in the background.

I keep saying we can’t get bogged down in what other teams around us are doing, but it’s hard not to.

Especially coming into this weekend. I don’t know any Blade who isn’t having a sneaky look at what both our neighbours, Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield Town are up to.

I’m not sure whether I should admit this but for my charity bet I did put Huddersfield to win at Leyton Orient.

The difference between using my heart and my head. My head ruling meant I won £284 for my charity, Women’s Aid. However on Saturday with Huddersfield hosting the Owls the best option for us would be a draw.

The number of Unitedites that want the Terriers to win seems pretty overwhelming.

Let’s just think about what is best for the Blades and to me I’ll have a draw at the Galpharm any day.

Now to Sheffield United and back to focusing on our own back yard.

Three home games left, Bournemouth are the first challenge.

They are a different side with a different motive to when we travelled to beat them 2-0. For interim manager Paul Groves it’s all about seeing the season out.

However the players are trying to prove a point and have been playing decent football, coming away with two draws from their last two games.

Bournemouth may not be a threat promotion wise but we must be wary of the side playing with freedom and nothing to lose.

The Cherries are one of those teams that do not start well. At Hillsborough recently they were three down after 10 minutes. Danny Wilson’s team talk will all be about getting Bournemouth early, if we let them settle it could be a frustrating afternoon at Bramall Lane.

Bournemouth have had an interesting time of late when it comes to the debate of football and money. Questions of whether we can hold on to Evans have been asked. The Cherries were near the play-offs two months ago, they then started spending big, £800,000, for a League Two striker and it just hasn’t worked for them, now sat in 12th.

Although Evans has been out of this world for United this season, we are still a team with 11 players, not just one.