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THAT’S THE WAY: Okay, so the press box at Hibernians Stadium is nowhere near as swish as Bramall Lane’s. But it does have one distinct advantage over its counterpart in England. Beer. Journalists covering Wednesday’s game were able to quench their thirst with a pint or two of the local brew. United take note.

NEW SONG: Footy fans never fail to disappoint when it comes to composing a witty ditty or two for their favourite players. “He’ll pass to the left. He’ll pass to the right. Kevin McDonald makes Xavi look s***e,” is proving particularly popular with United supporters staying in the same hotel as Danny Wilson and the team.

HUNGRY: United’s team coach got caught up in a traffic jam yesterday. Well, a stand-off with a car full of rather chubby youngsters in fact who decided it was a good idea to park in the middle of the road and abandon their vehicle before venturing into the local branch of Burger King. Oh, and before you ask,. fast food it wasn’t.

IFFY: Which member of United’s travelling party is clearly getting in touch with his feminine side after being spotted sipping a large strawberry daiquiri at the Fortina Spa Hotel’s Island Bar? Here’s your starter for ten. His first name is ‘Dave’ and his second is ‘McCarthy.’ Answers on a postcard please. Cheers!