Sheffield United: The bright idea that could transform not only a season but also lives

Tom Little, Sheffield United new head of performance, admits his six-year-old son was partly responsible for shaping the book he hopes will transform people’s diet and well-being.

Sunday, 3rd July 2022, 10:50 am

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The Colour-Fit Method’, which was published at the end of last month, describes how to identify, choose and then create meals depending upon your fitness goals.

Little, who took up his role at Bramall Lane earlier this summer, told The Star: “My young lad helped give me the idea. I was working on ways to try and make the whole process really intuitive, by using different colours and icons to illustrate the thinking behind it.

“Some of the things I was working on were spread out in front of me, he was climbing all over my shoulders, pointed and said ‘That one makes you run, that one makes you work’ and so on.’ That’s when I knew it was the right way to go.”

Little hopes his concept, which has already been adopted by Premier League clubs, Wales’ rugby union stars and soccer players in Australia, will now catch on among the general public.

“Genuinely, sometimes footballers can have worse diets that folk in the street,” he explained. “Often, they’re quite affluent and so they can eat out often and not necessarily the right things.”

Sheffield United hope to be celebrating again with Tom Little's help: Simon Bellis / Sportimage

“The process behind this is to show which meals are suitable for you, depending upon what your goals are. It makes it really simple.

“I’d already built it into an app, but wanted something more suitable for everyone. There’s QR codes in there, so you can scan to videos which show you how to prepare the meals as well.”

Sheffield United's head of performance Tom Little